WQM Trademark Die Cutting Machines (including WQM-320, WQM-320G and WQM-420) 


The machine features flat pressing high precision die cutting and computer control of material pulling and slicing, precision tracking and positioning of both sides and longitude of printed marks by three photoelectric eyes as well as completion of die cutting, waste collection, slicing or automatic marking machine roll at a time, suitable for the die cutting of paper adhesive trademarks, terylene film trademarks and laser counterfeiting trademarks. As the optimal auxiliary equipment of flexographic printing machines, continuous screen printing machine, relief printing machines and counterfeiting trademark mould press, it is the most ideal machine for various trademark printing factories.

The following devices are optional according to customer demands:

1. Gold Blocking Devices

2. Coating Devices, available in various positions of die cutting machines.



Main Technical Parameters:




320model 320Gmodel 420model

Die cutting speed:

20-125t/min 20-170t/min 20-170t/min

Max. releasing diameter: 

450mm 500mm 500mm

Max. roll paper width:

320mm 320mm 420mm

Max. die cutting width:

300mm 300mm 400mm

Max. die cutting length:

290mm 300mm 400mm

Positioning precision:

±0.15mm ±0.1mm ±0.1mm

Gross power:

3kw 3.5kw 4.5kw

Power supply voltage:

220v±10% 220v±10% 380v

Whole machine weight:

about1500kg about1700kg about2300kg

Overall dimensions:

2.6(L)x0.95(W)x1.4(H)(m) 2.6(L)x0.99(W)x1.4(H)(m) 2.7(L)x1.05(W)x1.5(H)(m)


(The parameters are subject to change.)



The following optional devices:

1 .* drilling equipment, playing on the computer in the hole or holes.
2 .* tipping device.
3 .* laminating equipment, cutting machines in different spaces.
Note: with * are optional devices (*= OPTIONS)

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